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Microscope - ECLIPSE TI - Nikon

Advanced inverted microscope with deconvolution function

Nikon TiE Microscope

Scientists have overcome many live cell imaging challenges using advanced techniques such as TIRF, confocal, FRET, photoactivation, and microinjection. At the center of it all is the Eclipse Ti, a powerful new system that provides instant access to all of these techniques plus revolutionary Nikon CFI60 optics. The new Ti series offers improved system speed, increased flexibility, and efficient multi-mode microscopy as part of a fully-integrated microscope system that is ideal for high-end research and live cell imaging.

Applications: Forensic Science, Neurobiology, Molecular Pathology, Marine Biology, Veterinary Science, Cell Culture, Target Identification, ADME Tox, Cell Biology, Regenerative Studies, Embryology/IVF

Product Features
  • High-speed Motorized Control and Acquisition
  • Enhanced Speed of Individual Motorized Components
  • Digital Controller Hub Significantly Increases Motorized Accessory Speed
  • Remarkably Fast Image Acquisition
  • Integrated Perfect Focus System (PFS) Eliminates Focus Drift
  • Compatible with Diverse Fluorescence Dyes with Improved Performance in Broader Wavelength Range
  • NIS-Elements Imaging Software Provides Secure System Control with Options for Deconvolution and Z-stack
  • Fluorescence Illumination Functions
  • High-quality Phase Contrast Imaging

For more information visit: Nikon Instruments-Eclipse Ti

Software features: NIS-Elements AR 


Nikon SMZ800 - stereoscopic fluorescent microscope

Dissecting and manipulation of mouse embryos and transgenic lines

Nikon SMZ800

For more information visit Nikon Instruments-SMZ800. 


Nikon ECLIPSE TS 100 - inverted fluorescent microscope

Nikon ECLIPSE TS 100

Driven by Nikon's acclaimed CFI60 optical system and all-new LED Eco-illumination system*, the TS100 inverted routine microscope produces sharp, brilliantly clear images, while achieving longer working distances and higher numerical apertures. It is ideal for applications such as tissue culture, plaque measurement and blood typing. Used in combination with Narishige manipulators, also available from Nikon, these microscopes can be used for a range of micromanipulation techniques necessary for cyto-engineering, developmental biology and genetic engineering, electrophysiology, pharmacology and neurochemistry.

 For more information visit Nikon Instruments - Eclipse TS100.


EVOS™ XL Core Imaging System

EVOS™ XL Core Imaging System

The EVOS® XL Core Imaging System is a digital, transmitted light, inverted imaging system for cell and tissue culture applications and routine cell maintenance. Its color camera and high-quality optical system deliver high-definition images with exceptional ease. With a small footprint and an ergonomic design, the all-in-one EVOS® XL system is ideal for basic imaging needs and a perfect addition to any cell culture room or facility.

The EVOS® XL Core Imaging System offers you these important advantages: 

• Easy installation; no maintenance, assembly, alignment, or calibration
• Configured for four objectives
• Fits and operates inside a cell culture hood
• All-in-one design: digital camera, precision optics, LCD display, and USB storage

For more information visit EVOS™ XL Core Imaging System

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