Stem Cell Center and Department of Bioengineering Seminar

Live Stem Cell Imaging with Microfluidics

When:  January 14 at 12-1pm

Where: Bioengineering Department at Winston Chung Hall rooms 205-206

Title:  Live Stem Cell Imaging with Microfluidics.


This talk will discuss the techniques and applications of the ONIX Microfluidic Perfusion System for life cell imaging. The novel microfluidic platform is designed to enable perfusion-based microenvironment control for long-term, high quality live cell microscopy. Continuous perfusion culture medium to the cells recreates the physiological mass transport condition for optimized cell health. Thus an ideal growth environment is achieved for long-term experiments from 4-72hrs on the microscope stage. The system enables single or multi-cell tracking while automated perfusion controls washout, drug changes, and dynamic solution profiles. Temperature and CO2 control is maintained by on-chip microincubator.


Presented by Dr. Julia Olsen-Claire from CellASIC - EMD Millipore Corporation

Organized by Dr. William Grover and Prof. Prue Talbot

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