Dr. Prue Talbot
Professor of Cell Biology
Director, UCR Stem Cell Center and Core
Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

M.A., 1968 Wellesley College
Ph.D., 1972 University of Houston

Phone : (951) 827-3768
Fax : (951) 827-4286
e-mail : talbot@ucr.edu

Embryonic stem cells are derived from the inner cell mass of blastocysts and can differentiate into any of over 200 cells in the body. Because of their origin and their ability to differentiate, embryonic stem cells provide valuable models for studying the effects of environmental chemicals on prenatal stages of development. As humans, we are more sensitive to environmental toxicants during prenatal development than at any other time in the life cycle. Our lab is currently using human embryonic stem cells (hESC) and mouse neural stem cells (mNSC) to: (1) develop new "toxicology-in-a-dish" assays for studying environmental toxicants and (2) investigate the effects of environmental toxicants on early mammalian development.

We have recently validated a new multiplexing software tool for quantifying various endpoints in video data collected while colonies of hESC are being treated with test chemicals of interest. This technology, which uses a video bioinformatics approach, will enable future stem cell clinics to monitor the growth and health of the hESC prior to differentiation and transfer to patients and will provide toxicologists with a novel method for monitoring cellular responses to drugs or other chemicals treatments. We have also developed a streamlined and efficient method for using hESC in 96-well plate assays. This has been problematic previously because hESC are normally plated as small colonies and it is difficult to control accurate plating which is necessary in quantitative assays.

We also use hESC and mNSC to determine how new tobacco products affect human health, and we compare data obtained with prenatal models (hESC and mNSC) to adult models from human lung and brain. Much of our recent work has focused on electronic cigarettes and thirdhand smoke. Electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine without burning tobacco and are often thought to be less harmful than conventional cigarettes, although little is known about how they affect human health. One of our recent studies shows that fluids that are used to refill electronic cigarettes vary in their cytotoxicity and those that contain cinnamaldehyde were highly cytotoxic to both embryonic and adult cells. Thirdhand smoke is the residual smoke that settles on indoor surfaces where smoking has taken place. Again little is known about its health effects and we are currently using mNSC and hESC as models to investigate cellular response to whole thirdhand smoke and individual chemicals in thirdhand smoke.

We are also beginning to evaluate induced pluripotent stem cells from individuals with Huntington's disease. Our goal will be to understand what environmental factors effect onset of symptoms in patients at risk for this disease.

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Recipient of Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research, 1998-99

Elected Fellow, AAAS, 2001

Recipient of the Honor's Program Mentor of the Year Award, 2003

Outstanding Mentor, UCR Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program, 2012


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