Dr. Andre Obenaus
Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Cell Biology & Neuroscience

1989 PhD; University of British Columbia
1989-1993 Postdoctoral Work; University of California, Los Angeles

E-mail : aobenaus@dominion.llumc.edu


Dr. Obenaus serves as the Director of the Non-Invasive Imaging Laboratory in the Radiation Biology Program at Loma Linda University. His laboratory is well known for its state-of-the-art equipment. His expertise is in the area of neuroimaging of disease, and the Noninvasive Imaging Laboratory has experience with a broad range of topics and models of disease including Alzhiemers and neurorepair using stem cells. He has been involved in teaching Biomedical Imaging and Radiation Biology, and he has supervised a number of undergraduate and graduate students.


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