Stem Cell Research Workgroup
Craig Byus
Dean, UCR/UCLA Biomedical Sciences


Monica Carson
Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences

Manuela Martins-Green
Associate Professor, Cell Biology/Neuroscience

Charles Louis
Vice Chancellor for Research

Richard Luben
Professor, Biomedical Sciences


Diane Martin
Executive Director, Office of Research

Vladimer Parpura
Assistant Professor, Neuroscience
Frank Sauer
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Jane Schultz
Director, Research Development
Jerome Schultz
Distinguished Professor, Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Frances Sladek
Associate Professor, Cell Biology/Neuroscience
Prudence Talbot
Professor, Cell Biology/Neuroscience
Ameae Walker
Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Linda Walling
Associate Dean, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
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