Stem Cell Seminar Series
Winter 2013

All seminars are on Friday from 1PM to 2PM in the Genomics Auditorium, UCR

January 11
Dr. Kim Payne
Seminar: Expression of the IL-7 Receptor Alpha Identifies an Ex Vivo-Generated Human Common Lymphoid Progenitor in Cord Blood Lymphopoiesis
January 18
Dr. Ziaobing Zhang
Seminar: The Extreme Makeover of Blood
January 25
Aaron Cipriano (Liu lab)
Seminar: Modulation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Functions by Nanofibrous Scaffolds
February 1
Maricela Maldonado (Nam lab)
Seminar: Mechanomodulation of cellular functions for orthopaedic tissue regeneration
February 8
Rachel Behar (Talbot lab)
Seminar: Identification of Toxicants in Cinnamon Flavored Electronic Cigarette Refill Fluids
February 15
Daniel Nampe (Tsutsui lab)
Seminar: Optimizing Shear Stress Conditions for the Fate of hPSCs
February 22
Thanh Nguyen (Liu lab)
Seminar: Supplemental Dosages of Magnesium Ions Altered Human Embryonic Stem Cell Morphology while Retaining Pluripotency
March 1
Dr. Ubaldo Soto
Seminar: Crosstalk Between Normal and Cancer Stem Cells
March 8
Tiffany Satoorian and Darcie McClelland (zur Nieden lab)
Seminar: Glucose and Stem Cell Identity
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