Stem Cell Seminar Series
Spring 2012

All seminars are on Wedensday from noon to 1PM in the Genomics Auditorium, UCR
Launching of the Inland Empire Stem Cell Consorium - Poster Session
April 25th
Seminar: Opening Remarks, Lunch, and Consorium Poster Session
Dr. Huinan Liu, Department of Bioengineering, UCR
May 2nd
Seminar: Stem Cells for Development of New Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapies
Dr. Ubaldo Soto, Department of Microbiology, Loma Linda University
May 9th
Seminar: Targeting Cancer Stem Cells
Dr. Jin Nam, Department of Bioengineering, UCR
May 16th
Seminar: Mechanomodulation of cellular functions for orthopaedic tissue regeneration
Dr. Mary Kearns-Jonker, Department of Pathology and Human Anatomy, Loma Linda University
May 23rd
Seminar: Stem Cells for Cardiovascular Repair
Dr. Kaustabh Ghosh, Department of Bioengineering, UCR
May 30th
Seminar: Leveraging Bone Marrow-Derived Cells for in situ Tissue Vascularization and Regeneration
Dr. Stephen Ashwal, Department of Pediatrics, Loma Linda University
June 6th
Seminar: Neonatal Brain Injury, Therapeutic Hypothermia and Neural Stem Cell Implantation

Students can register for this seminar as CMDB 256 (1 unit)
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