Dr. Obenaus and Dr. Shi Join the UCR Stem Cell Center as Adjunct Faculty

            The UCR Stem Cell Center is very pleased to welcome Dr. Andre Obenaus and Yanhong Shi as Adjunct Faculty members.

Dr. Obenaus, who will hold an Adjunct Associate Professorship in the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, is on the faculty at Loma Linda University where he is Director of the Non-Invasive Imaging Laboratory in the Radiation Biology Program. This laboratory is well known for its state-of-the-art equipment. His expertise is in the area of neuroimaging of disease, and the Noninvasive Imaging Laboratory has experience with a broad range of topics and models of disease including Alzhiemers and neurorepair using stem cells.
            Dr. Obenaus received his PhD from the University of British Columbia in 1989 where he specialized in physiology. He then did postdoctoral work at the University of California at Los Angeles between 1989-1993. He returned to Canada for several years as a Research Scientist before accepting his current position at Loma Linda University. He has been involved in teaching Biomedical Imaging and Radiation Biology, and he has supervised a number of undergraduate and graduate students.

            Dr. Yanhong Shi is currently an Assistant Professor in the Neuroscience Division at the Beckman’s Research Institute at the City of Hope national hospital. Dr. Shi will hold an Adjunct Assistant Professorship in the department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at UCR. Dr. Shi received her PhD from Northwestern University in Illinois in 1999. She followed this with a postdoctoral position with Drs. Ronald Evans and Fred Gage at the Salk Institute in La Jolla. In 2004, she accepted her current position at the City of Hope where she has established an active research laboratory.
            Dr. Shi’s current research focuses on the use of neural stem cells for treating neurodegenerative disease. She is interested in the epigenetic control of neural stem cell self renewal and the role of the orphan receptor TLX in neural development. She has participated in the Stem Cell Biology course at City of Hope, she serves on dissertation committees, and currently supervises a number of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows..

Click this link to view Dr. Obenaus' publications.

Click this link to view Dr. Shi's publications.

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