Dr. Luben Participates in CIRM Sponsored Stem Cell Awareness Day

Dr. Richard Luben, a charter member of the UCR Stem Cell Center, participated in the CIRM sponsored Stem Cell Awareness this week. As part of a cohort of stem cell scientists in California, Dr. Luben visited several high schools to help discuss and clarify issues about stem cell research. This included meeting with seven classes of high school students (> 300 students) and exposing them to stem cells knowledge in four different sessions.


Dr. Luben is the outreach specialist for the UCR Stem Cell Center. The Center is pleased to be able to provide information to local schools and citizens groups through various outreach activities. You can contact Azra Ayers (951-827-5689 or azra.ayers@ucr.edu) to arrange an outreach event.



Posted 9-24-2009

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