Connie Martin Receives Cornelius Hopper Award to Support Her Work on Embryonic Stem Cells

Connie Martin, an undergraduate student in Dr. Talbotís lab, has received a two year award to study the effects of cigarette smoke on post-implantation embryonic development. Connie will be setting up and using the Embryonic Stem Cell test, to study the effects of cigarette smoke on prenatal development. The Embryonic Stem Cell Test is the only validated assay currently available for use with stem cells.


Connie will use this test to compare the effects of smoke from conventional and harm reduction cigarettes on development of embryoid bodies. Her assay will specifically examine effects of smoke exposure on development of cardiomyocytes. Past work in Dr. Talbotís lab using a pre-implantation model has shown that smoke from harm reduction cigarettes may be as potent or more potent than smoke from conventional brands, particularly sidestream smoke which has not been studied often in harm reduction work.

Connie is a member of the Medical Scholars Program and was a recipient of an award at the annual Honors Convocation Ceremony for her excellent GPA.





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